Member Engagement Videos

Imagine having access to a library of club-branded videos that are designed to “engage” your members in a Challenge, i.e. Biggest Loser, or a Club within the Club, i.e. Walking Club, or an Event, i.e. Health Fair. Better yet, create a custom video for a club-sponsored program in minutes. The Member Engagement Videos, produced by America's Healthiest Clubs, are a great value for your club, enhance your paper flyers, and inspire members to take action. Promote your club's events with branded videos on your club's website, Facebook page, YouTube channel, or in an email marketing campaign. You can get the most value by purchasing an annual subscription to the video library. Every video is customized and branded to your club. During the course of your subscription, you can request any number of videos. As a bonus with your subscription purchase, you will also receive a custom one-minute video through VIDEOBOLT.COM.