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Turn your business for sale listing into a custom video with a professional spokesperson in one click

Here's how the process works:

1. Click the ADD TO CART button

2. On the next page, provide the URL of the business for sale listing on the Transworld website in the "Special Instructions" box

3. Pay for your video

VIDEOBOLT.COM's talented production team will write, shoot, and edit your custom one-minute video with a professional spokesperson. We do all the work for you, including writing the script (based on the business for sale listing) and adding the visuals. You will have the opportunity to review and edit the script prior to production. You will have your completed video within 3-5 business days of placing your order (unless there is a delay while we wait for you to approve the script). Then simply add your video to LinkedIn, Facebook, and your website to increase exposure and help sell the business. (There will be a $99 fee if you have any edit requests after production of your video.)

Note: If you would like to pay the $179 price for a Business For Sale Video, you can login to our video builder dashboard and use our Build It Myself product (which requires you to write your own script and upload images of the business for sale).

Below are examples of Transworld listing videos.