Happy Holidays 2020 - Video Card

Happy Holidays 2020 - Video Card

  • $199.00
  • Save $600

It's that time of year! You need to wish your customers, prospects, members, and employees a happy holidays. You can do it with an expensive printed card ... or with a video. Get a custom version of the video below, for your company, for only $199. We'll shoot the video with a professional spokesperson within three business days. You can then share the video by email, on your website, or on your social media pages. You can use our templated script, with your company's name included, or write your own script from scratch (up to 30 seconds). There's no better way to share your holiday wishes than with a custom video from VIDEOBOLT.COM.

Here's how to get started with your custom holiday video order: Provide your company's name in the "Special Instructions" section after you click the "Add To Cart" button. We'll deliver your completed video to the email address that you provide at checkout. If you would like to write a custom script for your video from scratch (up to 30 seconds), send it to support@videobolt.com within 24 hours of your order with the order number in the subject line.

Do you want an even better way to wish your customers a happy holidays? You can send a completely unique video to each customer (or to your most valued customers). Our spokesperson will say your company's name as well as your customer's name - and even a custom holiday message for your customer - in each video. Click here to order unique videos in batches of 10 for only $999. That's just $99 per video for a unique message to your customer.


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