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Video Style

VIDEOBOLT.COM produces News-Style Videos with professional spokespeople. We shoot all of our on-camera segments at our studio in Jupiter, Florida. We do not perform on-site shoots at our customer's location(s). We use either customer-provided "b-roll" or video/image "b-roll" from stock sources. We design a custom graphics package for each customer using one of 75+ templates, with the colors matching the customer's branding.

Video Length

Each video will be up to one minute long. Videos between 60 and 120 seconds will count as two video credits for billing purposes. Pricing for videos that are longer than 120 seconds will be agreed upon by the parties.

Script Writing

VIDEOBOLT.COM will write the script for the customer's video within two business days of receipt of written content from the customer or a discussion about a video topic. If the customer elects to proofread the video script, VIDEOBOLT.COM will produce and deliver the edited video 3-5 business days after receiving script approval. If the customer does not elect to proofread the video script, VIDEOBOLT.COM will produce and deliver the edited video 3-5 business days after receipt of the written content or a discussion about a video topic. All shoots and edits are final and the customer provides script approval.


VIDEOBOLT.COM will use one of its available spokespeople for the video. The customer may request a male or female spokesperson and can suggest demographics, subject to the availability of the relevant spokesperson. If the customer requests a "premium" spokesperson, additional fees may apply subject to prior agreement.

Video Files

VIDEOBOLT.COM will deliver the edited video by email with a link to download an MP4 video file. VIDEOBOLT.COM will deliver an SRT file for closed captioning within one business day of delivery of the edited video.


The customer owns all copyrights in the videos. There are no usage limitations for the videos. VIDEOBOLT.COM may use a video as an example in our portfolio, including online, unless the customer opts out in writing.


By making this purchase, you agree to allow VIDEOBOLT.COM to charge your credit card for the full purchase amount on the date of purchase. The charge will appear on your credit card statement as "VIDEOBOLT.COM." Video credits must be used within 12 months of purchase. Any disputes regarding this agreement will be resolved through binding arbitration in Palm Beach County, Florida, no later than one year after the agreement date, and will be subject to the laws of the State of Florida.


VIDEOBOLT.COM's production team will confirm all additional fees with you in writing before processing any payments. We will use your current credit card on file to process all additional fees, as outlined below:

Re-Edits - $99

VIDEOBOLT.COM will perform one basic edit on every video as a courtesy. All additional edit requests will incur a $99 fee per edit.

Re-Shoots - $199

This fee applies if the edit request requires a re-shoot of the on-camera portion of the video with the professional spokesperson.