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VIDEOBOLT.COM keeps our production rates low by not including a "round of edits." Nearly all of our customers do not request an edit to their videos. As a result, they are not paying extra for a service they will not use. When customers do request edits, the cost is $99 for each round of edits (which does not include a spokesperson re-shoot if, for example, you decide to change the script after receiving the video). If you think you are going to want edits to your video, you can pre-pay for edits at $49 each. Please note that this fee is non-refundable, even if you do not use the edits. All edit requests must be made within two weeks of delivery of the video. Examples of edit requests include: updating text overlays in graphics, providing new b-roll (images or video), updating the studio background, or changing the order of the b-roll. You cannot use edits to produce a "second version" of the video. You can purchase pre-paid edits with your video purchase or any time before you receive your completed video.