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THELAW.TV has video marketing packages for firms of all sizes and budgets. We’ll build the right plan for your firm.

THELAW.TV has produced more videos for more law firms than any other company – more than 100,000 videos for more than 1,000 firms of all sizes nationwide. We are a Florida Bar Member Benefit. More law firms entrust their reputation to THELAW.TV than to any other company.

THELAW.TV will shoot FAQ Videos for your firm, based on the production style in the examples at THELAW.TV. Each video will be up to one minute long and will feature the attorney, on camera, answering frequently asked questions from their practice area(s). THELAW.TV will design custom opening and closing graphics for the videos. The opening graphic will include the question that is answered in the video and the closing graphic will include the firm's contact information. The firm will approve the template for the graphics prior to post-production. THELAW.TV will provide a closed caption (SRT) and transcription file with each video. After your purchase, our production manager will contact you to schedule production at a mutually agreeable date, time, and location. All shoots of less than 50 videos will take place at THELAW.TV's studio in Jupiter, Florida. All shoots of 50 or more videos can take place at the attorney's office (there may be a travel surcharge for shoots outside of Florida). If you request a rescheduling of your production date within two weeks of production, there will be a $500 rescheduling fee. If you request an extra shoot day, the added cost will be $1,000 per day. All shoot days must be contiguous. You will receive the edited video files no later than two (2) weeks after the production date. There will be a fee of $25 per video for all edit requests after delivery of the videos. You will own all copyrights in the videos. THELAW.TV begins pre-production work and incurs costs immediately. As a result, this service agreement cannot be terminated and refunds cannot be provided. Any disputes regarding this purchase agreement will be resolved through arbitration in Florida.