THELAW.TV - Lawyer FAQ Videos - Remote Shoot (Unlimited)

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THELAW.TV will remotely shoot FAQ videos for your firm using our proprietary browser-based video capture tool. The production style will be similar to the examples at THELAW.TV. Each video will be up to one minute long and will feature the attorney, on camera, answering frequently asked questions from their practice area(s). THELAW.TV provides the questions based on our extensive research into legal consumer search trends. You can add your own custom questions to our provided lists. THELAW.TV will design custom opening and closing graphics for the videos. The opening graphic will include the question that is answered in the video and the closing graphic will consist of the firm's contact information. The firm will approve the template for the graphics prior to post-production. You can shoot an unlimited number of FAQ videos over a one-year period. There is no limit to the number of production sessions that you can schedule. Multiple attorneys at your firm may participate in the video shoots. THELAW.TV will deliver each video within one hour of production. You own all copyrights in the videos and there are no limits on use. After you make your purchase, THELAW.TV immediately begins the design of your graphics and releases the FAQ question list. As a result, this service agreement cannot be terminated and refunds cannot be provided once you make your purchase. Any disputes regarding this purchase agreement will be resolved through binding arbitration in Palm Beach County, Florida. THELAW.TV will contact you within one business day of your purchase to provide instructions and to discuss the design of your graphics.