THELAW.TV - Lawyer Video Blogs (Annual Subscription)

THELAW.TV - Lawyer Video Blogs (Annual Subscription)

  • $7,188.00

THELAW.TV has video blogging packages for firms of all sizes and budgets. We’ll build the right plan for your firm.

THELAW.TV has produced more videos for more law firms than any other company – more than 200,000 videos for more than thousands of firms of all sizes nationwide. THELAW.TV is a brand of VIDEOBOLT.COM that exclusively produces online videos for lawyers.

This is an annual subscription. Choose 1, 2, or 3 videos/month to get started. One of our producers will schedule a call within one business day to begin production on your first video.

Call Corey Saban at 561.626.9809 to discuss package customization or payment plans.

Examples and terms below.


TERMS: You will be responsible for providing a written press release, blog post, company update, or any other content for converting to a video to THELAW.TV based on the schedule above; or you can elect to have THELAW.TV suggest content topics to you for approval. Each video will be up to one-minute long and will be similar in style and format to the examples with professional spokespeople on our website at THELAW.TV will write the script for the video version of your provided content within two business days of receipt of your written content. If you elect to proofread the video script, THELAW.TV will produce and deliver the edited video two business days after script approval. If you do not elect to proofread the video script, THELAW.TV will produce and deliver the edited video two business days after receipt of your content. THELAW.TV will deliver the edited video as an MP4 file. THELAW.TV will deliver a transcription file by email concurrent with delivery of the edited video. There will be a $50 fee for all re-edit requests after delivery of the edited video. If the re-edit request requires a re-shoot of the on-camera portion of the video, there will be a $200 fee. Videos that exceed 60 seconds in length (up to 120 seconds) will count as two videos for billing purposes. Before initial production, THELAW.TV will need three business days to build custom graphics with your branding. If you do not use your video production allotment during a month, the unused allotment will expire at the end of the contract term. You will own all copyrights in the videos and have no usage limitations. THELAW.TV may use an example of your videos for our portfolio, including as an online example. THELAW.TV makes no representations regarding compliance with bar rules. It is your responsibility to comply with the rules and regulations of the bar in your state regarding video marketing. Any disputes regarding this purchase agreement will be resolved through arbitration in Florida. By subscribing, you agree to the terms above.